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Royalty class for motorcycles


Already on the horizon

KymiRing has made an agreement to organise MotoGP races. Preparations are in full swing.A Royalty class World Championship race for motorcycles will be held for the first time in Finland.

We have received a grant for this project from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

KymiRing visualisation

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Latest news

Mika Kallio in action at KymiRing


Mika was training with KTMs electric bike for Sachsenring MotoGP.

Olympic winner visitation


Tapio Korjus, Chairman of Finnish government sport Council and Olympic Winner at men javelin throw, visited at KymiRing in the sunny summer evening.

Complaints against KymiRing’s environmental permit were rejected


Group of private persons have made reclamation among other things, that the decision should have been done by national environmental protection instead of Kouvola due to pervasive activities in the area. Administrative court abandoned all complaints.