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kymiring adventure centre

KymiRing offers a fine setting for motorsport and driving practice.

Northern Europe’s leading race track and driving training centre

KymiRing Oy is planning a project that will be built around Northern Europe’s leading driving instruction, traffic safety and motorsport centre.

KymiRing’s driving training centre includes a versatile practice track, on which driving instruction for heavy goods vehicles and emergency and defence forces vehicles can be carried out, as well as driving practice for civil traffic vehicles.

The complex being designed for motorsports consists of about 4.7 km of asphalted internationally-classified race track, which will also include a rallycross track. The complex will also have a karting track and motocross, speedway and enduro tracks. The intention is to be able to comprehensively practise different motorsports in the area and to organise races.

The plan is also to carry out construction projects, which will include a hotel, business park, separate support premises, a pit area and a service centre. At the race track there will be a pit area building, which will house garages, as well as entertainment, office and restaurant facilities. The necessary support facilities for the other tracks will also be built. An events field will also be built in the inside area of the race track.

The founding shareholders are AKK Sports Oy, Suomen Moottoriliitto ry, A-Ahlström Oy and the Municipality of Iitti.

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KymiRing is situated at Tillola in the municipality of Iitti on the border with the city of Kouvola, north of Highway 12.

Kymentie 748, 47400 Kausala


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