Rally driver Markku Alen was testing at KymiRing

Winner of 19 worldchampion partial race competition and long-term legend, motorsport expert Markku Alen was testing the KymiRing track with a Toyota utility truck.

This winter's first snow was just right on track surface, which contributed to an additional challenge to Markku's test run. Car dealer Suomen Hyötyajoneuvokeskus had equipped Toyota Hilux with special equipment.  For example, tires are larger and unopened as used by mining vehicles. Set up has been raised, shockabsorbes and springs has been replaced. Markku thought that the suspension would have been better suited to Dakar Rally than to a crushed stone base.

The film crew visited track last time a couple of weeks ago and then Markku Alen tested track first time. In his view, the basement of the track is very good. Now snow was slipping over track surface and make it trickier to drive. After truck day he commented KymiRing as follows:

"There is definitely potential! And this is what we need here in Finland. There is no other similar in the Nordic countries. Not just for motorsports, it's a road safety training center and that's also a great thing. "


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