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will be held in 2020–2024

This contract is valid for five years, and the race will be held at KymiRing. Events of the World Championships will come back in Finland after 40 years.

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 Video: Ari Ollikainen

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Mika Kallio brought the KTM MotoGP bike to KymiRing - ”A home race is everyone’s dream”


There was a historical moment in Finland last weekend, when the first MotoGP bike touched the tarmac of the circuit, where Finland will host the MotoGP races most likely from 2020 onwards.

Construction work of Finnish MotoGP circuit KymiRing goes ahead – Government to invest 6,5 million euros


The construction work of KymiRing motorsport centre in Finland continues as planned. Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture approved the 3,5 million euro grant for KymiRing.

Rally driver Markku Alen was testing at KymiRing


Winner of 19 worldchampion partial race competition and long-term legend, motorsport expert Markku Alen was testing the KymiRing track with a Toyota utility truck.