Xamk meets epic adventure centre, KymiRing.

Xamk, South – Eastern University of Applied Sciences, is co-working with many kinds of businesses, and a one good example from this is a projects for the KymiRing. Students from several different lines of studies had an interesting and unforgettable moment, when former world-class F1-driver Alexander Wurz from Austria visited at the Metsola Campus.

He acquainted students teamwork and ideas for developing KymiRing environmentally friendly and how to emphasize the most authentic atmosphere of Finnish nature combined with motorsport and event centre. Member of a main track design team and a driving training centre, Alex Wurz, together with KymiRings Project Manager Timo Pohjola, were listening students ideas and studies of KymiRing and got familiar with Xamk.

Even Alex had very busy schedule, he was very attracted and listened curiously everything what Xamk could offer for education and where all the campuses are located. Also, what kind of a businesses already exist with KymiRing and what are all the options what may arise. Lecturer Tuomo Pimiä presented Xamk organization and studying opportunities with different references. He told about future visions for example digitalization, entrepreneurship and development of Russian co-operation. He introduced students researchers to create advance for KymiRing environment and energy efficiency and also clarifying surrounding logistics, accommodations and other services to permit an expanding growth while events.

Alex told students about himself, his career, and how he ended up co-working with KymiRings design team. He is working in his fathers company, which has designed training and safety testing tracks all over the world. Due to his career as a professional driver, he has also a lot of knowledge from different tracks, designing tracks and safety issues with tracks. He wants to learn new things by doing and sees things open minded as in life and driving, that is important to evolve and constantly improve own skills. Alex thinks that KymiRing is unique concept also for business. It is a trailblazer among motorsport and as event centre.

It’s a combination of track and motorsport races, safety and ecological driving and testing track with Finnish pure, genuine environment and high-end technology. That is an excellent mixture, which does not exists nowhere else.