KymiRing is sufficient international interest

Sunny Monday afternoon brought new breath of air to Municipality of Iitti from the other side of the world, when Ambassador of South-Korea honored us by visiting here.

In Lomakivi hostel were enjoyed tasty lunch and after that we were headed to adventure center KymiRing. South-Korea Ambassador Kim Soo-Gwon wanted to get acquainted with all possibilities which KymiRing can offer for South-Korea industries placement to Europe.

Ambassador was listening with high interest what are the options what future traffic city can bring to business world and as well as to motorsport. However, the major target for his interest was the test and training center for driving. KymiRing will enable superb frames for example South-Koreas car manufacturing and industry and product testing.

south korea kymiring img 143546


From the left: Riku Rönnholm – Mayor of Iitti, Seppo Rossi – KymiRing Safety Coordinator, Kim Soo-Gwon – Ambassador of South-Korea, Timo Pohjola – KymiRing Project Director, Esa Lehtinen – Chairman of the municipal council Iitti