Complaints against KymiRing’s environmental permit were rejected

Group of private persons have made reclamation among other things, that the decision should have been done by national environmental protection instead of Kouvola due to pervasive activities in the area.
Administrative court abandoned all complaints.

Building- and environmental committee in Kouvola gave KymiRing the environmental permit at 13.7.2016 for road safety training and motorsport center in Iitti. It is externalizing from environmental permit, that all activities are filling requirements which environmental law demands. There were still made a complaint to administrative Court, where environmental permit was willing to repeal according detached arguments. 12.6.17 Vaasa Administrative Court decide to abandon all complaints.

KymiRing project evaluating the development in whole Southern-Finland, which includes defense forces and every other societies road safety and training education. Motorsport is another mainstay, which supports regenerate and help travel industry forward especially to Russia. There aren’t any motorsport centers in St. Petersburg area. KymiRing Gran Prix MotoGP race will have even 500 million spectators via tv, which is quite same amount than F1 race in tv.

During early days in project, found out, that there is crucial signification also for sciences research and development. Finnish industry for wood processing is going to restructure and needs new innovations for developing biofuel. This demands continual testing and KymiRing will offer excellent circumstances for that.

For avoiding disadvantages and complaints KymiRing project have been under careful preparation over ten years. Since 2007 KymiRing project have negotiated with South-Eastern Finland EDTE center who delivered environmental impact assessment in this issue.

Vaasa administrative Court decision is visible on notice boards in Iitti municipal executive committee and Kouvola city hall.