booking calendar for season 2021

We will accept preliminary requests for bookings and enquire following information by email at

Required informartion:

  • Date
  • Time period (whole day / half day)
  • Type of vehicles (motorcycle / car)
  • Event nature and function
  • Organization name
  • Contact details (name, phone number, email) 

We will make preliminary plans as diverse as possible for the different events and track days at KymiRing. For now, we are unfortunately not able to receive hourly bookings. KymiRing GP-track will be available for bookings for several days depending on type of event. KymiRing opening hours will be daily at 9:00–18:00

Please, send your request by email in pdf or Word-format as attachment. We will contact the applicants by email. 

KymiRing reserves all rights for possible changes.